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Support of Planetarium Programs

use E&T to control the map section of desktop planetarium software

supports the following desktop planetarium software:

  • Cartes du Ciel 3.0
  • Guide (Version 6 and above)
  • HNSky 2.08 and above
  • Megastar 4
  • Megastar 5
  • Skymap (Version 8 and above)
  • Starry Night 5
  • Starry Night 6
  • TheSky X Professional
  • TheSky 5
  • TheSky 6
  • Voyager 4.5

special features for some programs:

  • export private object list for Guide 8
  • connect Guide 8 and E&T with an included extra software tool. You can use E&T functions after selecting an object in Guide 8
  • export QuickCatalog for Skymap Pro
  • export text-file for import to TheSky
  • export memos for import to "Planetarium" (Palm OS)
  • export object data to directly use them in "Astromist" for Palm OS or Windows Mobile
  • export object data for the telescope-computer "ArgoNavis"

other features