"While it's true that sky map software is abundant in the US, Eye and Telescope offers something unique - an attempt at defining not only the visibility of the target, but it's actual appearance to the end user through their telescope, and from their site. This is both a time and frustration saving utility, as well as one that allows an observer to locate objects at the edge of their resources. The algorithm, from what I have seen is not perfect, but it is quite good. Frankly it would be a shame to deny this from todays time constrained observers in this market, and I hope you'll reconsider offering it here."

(Tom Trusock, CloudyNights.com)


"Each day I try it, I discover something new which will help me as an amateur astronomer. E & T would be a wonderful aid to the technically-savvy amateur astronomer."

(Glenn Chaple, Astronomy magazine, contributing editor)


"Due to the unique features of E&T, an English version, serving the international market, is highly recommended by the reviewer. No doubt, the number of potential users is large, ranging from binocular owners to those observing with large Dobson telescopes. Both newcomers and deep sky experts will benefit. I'm sure the expected audience would welcome the product as a non-mainstream work, differing significantly from others. Due to its unique features, E&T has - up to now - no real competitors. It might be an excellent supplement to the large and scattered amount of information about deep sky observing and objects in printed, digital form or on the Internet. And, finally, it helps to effectively use your telescope, by planning and performing successful observations - worldwide."

(Wolfgang Steinicke, FRAS, Galaxies section, Webb Society)


"Eye and Telescope is a thoroughly crafted software tool for the serious backyard astronomer. It provides not only the ability to select the best objects for a night's observing but also to see a simulation of what those objects might look like through a user's telescope. Star charts that can be customized to plot only those objects of interest and the ability to control a GoTo telescope to slew to selected targets round out a full-featured deep-sky planning program great for use at the telescope or on the desktop. Highly recommended!"

(Alan Dyer, Sky & Telescope, contributing editor)


"The biggest plus I see to it is that I can generate lists of objects based on a variety of criteria, which I find very handy. Just the other day, I needed to know how many planetary nebulae are in Aquila for the book I'm doing. I supposed I could have opened up either Megastar or Guide and started to count, but it was much easier to set the proper parameters in E&T and let it generate a list.
I very much like the way you can print the three-panel white-on-black finder chart. That is a very handy feature! Even handier is the way that you can tie into a wide variety of planetarium programs. I selected Megastar. That's a great feature! I also like having Steve Gottlieb's NGC notes built right into it, as well.
So, in my opinion, I find E&T to be very useful. Would I buy it? Knowing what I know about it at this point, I would state an enthusiastic 'yes!'"

(Phil Harrington, Astronomy magazine, contributing editor)